Yoga in Ubud

February 13, 2013

Bali is a dynamic spiritual center, host to a number of retreat centers, holistic wellness education programs, and a thriving yoga community. If you are looking for healthy, spiritually centered things to do in Bali, you can’t go wrong with a yoga class or two, or even yoga teacher training certification.

There are so many yoga studio options in Ubud, we can’t list them all, but a few stand out. The Yoga Barn is a popular choice for those wanting to try a yoga class or two, and maybe explore some other spiritual wellness options. This beautiful space is “dedicated entirely to Yoga, Movement and Healing, for the sole purpose of bringing together Community.” They even have their own café (“Little K”) which serves living raw vegan food.

If the goal of your Bali vacation is to immerse yourself in yoga, Intuitive Flow yoga studio is a good option.  Intuitive Flow focuses on spiritual development and healing, and offers yoga teacher training programs for serious yoginis.

Bali Yoga Retreat offers a 7-day lifestyle change program – this wellness retreat combines yoga with raw food, colonics, and massage in a holistic program designed to “relax your mind, refresh your body, and renew your spirit”.

Or, just turn our Bali luxury villa into your own private yoga studio – check out the alignment of your “triangle” pose in the reflection of the pool, or roll out your yoga mat in the spacious living area. Whatever option you choose, Bali is a great place for yoga.

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