Raw Food in Bali

January 30, 2013

For those who prefer to eat raw foods, Bali is truly paradise. While the kitchen of our Bali luxury villa has everything you need to prepare your own raw foods, Ubud also has an extensive selection of restaurants and cooking schools that focus specifically on raw and vegetarian cuisine.

If you want raw food to be an integral part of your Bali vacation, start with the Raw Food Bali website. It has information about raw food classes, restaurants, and a description of all the exotic native foods that enhance raw cuisine, such as coconut, soursop, mangosteen, durian, raw cacao beans, and irish moss.

Or, if you are really serious about cooking raw food, you can get your raw food chef certification at Radiantly Alive, a retreat center that also offers yoga classes.

Of course you can experience world-class raw foods at one of the many restaurants in Ubud that specializes in this type of cuisine. Bali Buddha  is one of our favorites, and it’s just down the street from our Bali villa. They serve vegan, raw, and vegetarian dishes in addition to more mainstream cuisine. Clear café  specializes in raw, vegan food, and seafood. Kafe offers raw, organic food – and they deliver! Lastly, Sari Organic focuses on local, organic foods fresh from their own farm.

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