Celebrating Galungan at Villa di Abing

May 23, 2013

If you are interested in traveling to Bali to observe Balinese culture and religion, Galungan is an ideal time to visit. Of all the Bali holidays, Galungan is the most festive. Everyone participates, and all of Ubud (and especially our Bali villa!) is decorated beautifully.

The temple is draped in colorful ceremonial cloths for the holiday.

Here is the view of the alley just beyond the villa’s gates, decorated for Galungan.


Guests at our Bali luxury villa will have a front-row seat for the festivities, as our villa’s staff participates in all of the required ceremonies, many of them right on the property of our Bali luxury villa. All members of the staff will dress in traditional ceremonial clothing before making offerings of fruit and flowers in every corner of the property. Offerings are made in the morning – according to tradition, they must be made before noon. Once the offerings are in place, the staff will pray at the villa’s temple, and then again at home. Here is our staff, praying before the offerings.


After the prayers, our guests are left to relax among the colorful and fragrant offerings, and, along with the gods, enjoy their beauty for the remainder of the festival. The decorations and offerings at our Bali luxury villa are just a small example of how the entire island of Bali prepares for Bali holidays – be sure to book early if you want to experience the festivities of this very special week of Galungan.

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