Celebrating Balinese New Year

February 26, 2013

For those who would like their Bali vacation to include an education in Balinese culture and a day devoted to their own spiritual growth, Nyepi is a great time to visit. The Balinese devote a full 24 hours on Nyepi or “Day of Silence” to meditation and prayer. Everything closes (even the airport), and people stay inside their houses from sunrise to sunrise the next day, which is Balinese New Year. This year Balinese new year will happen on March 12 (it changes according to when the new moon appears).

Unlike other Bali holidays, you won’t see any public celebrations or processions on Nyepi. However, the days before and after the holiday are particularly busy. Two days before Nyepi, there are processions from the villages to the beaches, where the residents purify temple artifacts as a way of spiritually purifying the whole village. The Balinese use the day before Nyepi to prepare for their day of silence by thoroughly cleaning their houses and villages, and cooking everything they will need for the next day. At dusk there are very noisy ceremonies intended to drive all of the evil spirits away. “Ogoh Ogoh” or demon effigies are carried through the streets, making quite a spectacle.

Balinese new year and Nyepi can be a wonderful time for your Bali holiday, as long as you are prepared for your own day of silence and introspection in a beautiful setting at our Bali luxury villa.

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