BaliSpirit Festival – The Best of Bali’s Artistic and Spiritual Culture

April 24, 2012

The BaliSpirit Festival took place this month in Ubud, attracting top yogis, spiritual leaders, and performers to commune with thousands of visitors on our tiny island for five days. The festival’s goal is to inspire positive change within individuals and communities. Drawing inspiration from Bali’s thriving spiritual and artistic culture, the BaliSpirit festival hosted yoga and movement classes, meditation, live music, educational workshops, and other entertainment with a spiritual inclination. If you are into yoga and you are looking for things to do in Bali, consider timing your next Bali holiday with the BaliSpirit Festival.

The BaliSpirit festival is only the most modern incarnation of a long tradition of spiritual and artistic Balinese festivals and ceremonies. You’ll have a front row seat for many of these festivities if you book one of our Bali luxury villas.

Balinese New Year, or “Nyepi”, is kicked off with a colorful and noisy parade of “ogoh-ogoh” through the village. The ogoh-ogoh are giant representations of evil spirits that are designed to scare up the real thing. Following the parade, locals stay in their houses for an entire day of silence and self-reflection. The entire island takes this holiday and accompanying rituals very seriously. All shops and even the airports are closed.

“Galungan”, a festival that happens every 210 days, celebrates the victory of good over evil. Gods and ancestors are welcomed back to earth with ceremonies to cleanse and balance the spirit, prayers and offerings, and dancing. No matter what time of year your Bali vacation takes place, you will likely be able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of some sort of celebration.

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