Bali Honeymoon Bliss: Spa Treatments to Soothe Your Senses

April 20, 2012

After the madness of wedding planning and figuring out where to stay in Bali for your honeymoon, nothing feels better than giving in to a pair of warm hands and relaxing at a local spa. Some spas near Villa di Abing take full-service to a whole new level, arranging for transportation to and from your Bali villa, and spoiling you with fresh juice upon arrival. And that’s just the beginning of your spa day. Next you’ll be treated to a soak in a warm tub, with beautiful, fragrant, native flowers and herbs floating in Bali’s famous healing waters. While adding to the romantic ambience, these plants also provide a variety of health benefits.

Two spas near your villa in Ubud: Bali Botanica and Ubud Wellness Spa offer complimentary, fresh-squeezed fruit, vegetable, and herb-based juices as part of their relaxing, healing treatments, and Bali Botanica will even provide a spa lunch as part of a day-long pampering package. Both spas take advantage of the beautiful natural resources of Bali, and incorporate local herbs and plants from your surroundings into their treatments. Choose from several styles of massage, facials, and treatments that are designed not only to relax you, but to re-balance body and spirit according to the unique Balinese belief system.

There isn’t a more romantic way to unwind and enjoy the sensual natural beauty of Bali. Everyone deserves a Bali spa experience part of their Bali honeymoon. And, if you are looking for ways to reduce stress before you tie the knot in Bali, we recommend hiring an experienced international wedding planner like Bali Weddings International. They take care of every detail for you, from finding a local florist to navigating the paperwork that an overseas wedding requires.

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